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Do I have to make reservations?

No, but we encourage you to, so that we can reduce your wait time and make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible.

Is this a good place for me to bring my kids? Do you have a Kid’s Menu?

Yes. We have 3 girls of our own so children are always welcome! Check our current menu for Kid’s choices.

Is there nearby parking?

Yes. The recently remodeled Downtown Decatur has plenty of free parking in lots and along the streets, including right on Merchant St.

This is on the second floor, is it accessible?

Yes. We have an elevator located in the ground floor lobby. Our dining room and restrooms are fully accessible.

How big is the Party/Banquet room?

Our party room can seat 75 people.

Who do I contact about booking the Party/Banquet room?

Call Jolyn Redden at 217-330-6365.

What is the meaning behind the name “TapRoot”?

Glad you asked! Read more >